Prefabricated Building

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Les Warkentin Construction Steel is a licensed Metallic Building Company Dealer. With our MBA products we offer and design pre-engineered metal buildings of the highest caliber, durability and longevity. Metallic is one of the most trusted and respected manufacturers of custom metal buildings in the industry. Using only Metallic products, we are able to offer the most ideal combination of aesthetics, functionality, durability, and long-term value in the industry.

Using a metal building system can help you realize significant cost savings. During construction, labor costs are reduced because the system arrives on site already cut to the pre-specified design. And because metal systems provide greater loads and can span greater distances, they also require fewer materials to build overall. Ultimately, a custom engineered system will make installation and erection go much faster, saving you costs for labor and speeding up the process to allow for faster occupancy.

Many people believe that a metal building system would be too inflexible to meet their needs. The fact is that metal structures can be applied to virtually any building application. Our engineers work one-on-one with external architects, general contractors and builders to customize each system in accordance with the desired appearance and functional demands of the project.

Our roof and wall panels, structural members and other steel products are virtually 100% recyclable and can contain 30% to 50% or more recycled material, depending on the product. In addition to recyclability, metal roof and wall panels can reduce waste due to their unmatched durability and resistance to fire, wind and insects. The American Iron and Steel Institute reports that metal roofs last between 40 and 60 years and require significantly less maintenance than other materials.

If your business needs to construct a building we want to work with you from start to finish and design the perfect building that fits your exact needs. Our process is simple. First, we want you to talk with one of our specialist so we can understand your exact needs. Then, We can review and quote your project while keeping you involved in the entire process.

Some of the Prefabricated Buildings include:

  • Mini Storages
  • Storage sheds
  • Garages
  • Car ports (closed and enclosed)
  • Commercial Buildings